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      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b 58d_or legal entity to be referred to as a customer in the future and SABRİ BEY CAMPING, which will be referred to as SABRİ BEY BUFE CAMPING in the following articles; these parties, hereinafter referred to as the Parties; Considering that this contract is an official offer, contains all the conditions for the provision of paid accommodation, all the conditions stated below are binding (conclusive) for the parties and cannot be changed by the customer, they have concluded this contract within the framework of the following.

1.1. Pursuant to this agreement, SABRİ BEY CAMPING is obliged to provide accommodation service at SABRİ BEY CAMPING upon the request of the Customer (hereinafter referred to as 'Service').
1.2. With the approval of this contract, the Customer; SABRİ BEY CAMPING at 
will confirm that he has been informed about the accommodation rules, reservation rules and tariffs.
1.3. From the moment this contract is concluded, SABRİ BEY CAMPING will confirm the Customer's request.

2.1. It can be made in person by calling the reservation line at 0532 348 37 91 and filling out the reservation form  .
2.2. In case the customer wishes to terminate his request or make any changes, he can apply to SABRİ BEY  CAMPING's Reservation Office at 0532 348 37 91 and request a change by specifying the date on which the change is desired.
2.3. If the customer wishes to terminate his request and receive the remaining amount of his fee after the deduction; must cancel the reservation at the latest 15 days before the date of stay. (Article 4.1)
2.4. The customer should send the request to make a change in his reservation to SABRİ BEY  CAMPING's  at the latest 15 days before the service delivery date to SABRİ BEY CAMPING_cc3781905. -136bad5cf58d_
(Article 2.5)
2.5.    Reservation change (number of people, accommodation type) will be made at the quota prices in accordance with the conditions of the day it is requested, valid for stays in the Seyreden Yıl.
2.6. With this agreement, if the Customer changes/wants to make any changes to the reservation during the registration period during which the special discount is applied, for any reason, the reservation in question 
accepts, declares and undertakes that the reservation change request will be made taking into account the prices applied at the time of confirmation.
2.7. During the booking registration, the age of the child notified by the Customer will be taken into account. Although it is determined that the age of the child is different from the age specified in the ID requested by the authorized person during the Booking registration, the necessary changes will be made in the reservation and the Customer will cover the fee difference arising from this.

3.1. The customer will be able to make the reservation payment by money order. The customer is deemed to have accepted the remittance fee incurred in the payment options in advance.
3.2. During login to SABRİ BEY CAMPING, the customer is SABRİ BEY CAMPING 
to the member; will present the receipt of the card used for the payment while registering the reservation. 
Responsibility for the losses / damages that will arise from the failure of the customer to fulfill these responsibilities will belong to the customer.

4.1. If the reservation cancellation request is canceled 15 days or more before the expected check-in date, 5% of the total amount of accommodation collected will be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded to the guest's bank account or card. Reservation cancellation request forecast 
total stay 
40% of the total amount will be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded to the guest's bank account or card. In case of cancellation up to 7 nights, 50% of the total stay will be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded to the guest's bank account or card. 
If the cancellation request is canceled 7 days or less than the check-in date, the guest's accommodation fee will not be refunded; No Show will be applied to the entire amount.
4.2. During the reservation registration, the refund will be made by making a deposit back to the card from which the payment was made in the payments made by money order.
4.3 Force majeure in cancellation of reservation; SABRİ BEY CAMPING does not apply No Show to the guest in cases such as natural disasters, terrorism, attempted action and documentable death (1st and 2nd degree relatives), accident and illness (full-fledged hospital report).
4.4 The remaining amount will be refunded after deducting the transaction fee for payments made by card or money order.

5.1. The age and identity of the Customer will be checked at check-in. The Customer shall bear the expenses incurred due to the Customer's false information.
5.2. No matter what time the customer arrives at SABRİ BEY CAMPING, they will settle in the camp by 21:00 on the day of entry to SABRİ BEY CAMPING at the latest and will leave SABRİ BEY CAMPING at 21:00 at the latest. He will accept that he will check out, and if he does not check out at the agreed time, he will pay the cost of the additional service that will be given to him after checkout.
5.3. The entire accommodation fee will be charged at the time of booking.
5.4. Pets will be accepted by SABRİ BEY CAMPING. However, keep their collars with you. The owner is responsible for all harm and inconvenience caused by the pet. 
5.5. In order to preserve the family concept in our camping area, we cannot accept more than 3 male guests in our accommodation option. If detected, the service will be terminated.
5.6. The fire area is only the barbecue area and barbecue area. It is strictly forbidden to light a fire in the forest. Cigarette butts and your trash should be thrown into the trash cans.
5.7. After 21:00, it is forbidden to make noise and listen to music in a way that disturbs the environment.
5.8. Refrigerators are for communal use. Common areas will be used in a clean and orderly manner.
5.9. Picnic tables will not lift from where they are. as it may be. Necessary sensitivity should be shown.
5.9.1 Meals are not provided in the campsite, so that you can freely bring food and drink from outside. In order to reduce the density of common closet areas, we have water sales. If the customer wishes, he will be able to shop at the supermarkets in the surrounding villages.
5.9.2 If the customer gives up the service for any reason other than SABRİ BEY  CAMPING's failure to fulfill its accommodation commitments after the customer has settled in SABRİ BEY CAMPING, the payment will not be refunded.

6.1. In the event that the customer is provided with poor quality service, the customer will notify the SABRİ BEY CAMPING representative in written form during his stay. Otherwise, the service provided by SABRİ BEY CAMPING will be deemed to have been provided perfectly and on time.
6.2. In the event that the Customer violates any article of the contract, the Customer agrees and undertakes to cover any damages incurred by SABRİ BEY CAMPING as a result of the breach.
6.3. In the event that the guest behaves in a manner that will disrupt the order of SABRİ BEY CAMPING, SABRİ BEY CAMPING has the right to request the guest to leave SABRİ BEY CAMPING without any refund.
6.4. Our guests staying at the facility are required to inform the board of directors about the visitors coming from outside. In case of approval of the guest staying based on the decision of the board 
Daily usage conditions are applied for a paid visitor.
6.5. When it deems necessary, SABRİ BEY CAMPİNG may partially or completely change and cancel the reservation announced or registered, up to 2 days from the start date, and up to 1 day in special days and/or periods, provided that it also informs the consumer. If the customer does not accept these changes  ve cancellation, he has the right to cancel the reservation and get a full refund of the price paid. In this case, the customer is not entitled to compensation.
6.6. SABRİ BEY CAMPING is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft or damage of valuable  properties of the Customer.
6.7. Customers who are not approved in the contract but participate in the service subject to the contract are deemed to have accepted and committed to the terms of the contract when the customer they have assigned to register on their behalf  read and approve this contract.

7.1. Adverse weather conditions, strike-lockout, terrorism, military action, flood, fire etc. In case of such situations, SABRİ BEY CAMPING may not continue to serve. 
In this case, the payments of the guests who have made a reservation will be refunded.
7.2. Even if the customer has not signed or approved this accommodation reservation contract by money order or EFT for any reason, he has learned the terms of this contract that will be valid between the parties through catalogs or advertisements, and this accommodation reservation contract is here 
They have committed to receive in the written conditions in the contract.
7.2. SABRİ BUFFET CAMPING, festive or new year etc. reserves the right to change the artist who will come to SABRİ BEY CAMPING due to other holiday programs due to reasons not related to SABRİ BEY CAMPING. (artist's illness, force majeure, etc.).
7.3. When the disputes arising in accordance with this contract need to be resolved, the competent Istanbul courts are

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